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Out in the Black (Sol Series #1)

Matthison Carolinas thought becoming the captain of his own ship would give him more satisfaction in his job. Instead, it came with headaches, hassles, and one undeniable benefit in the shape of Carter Rust, his chief engineer. At just under two meters of muscle and attitude, Rust also happens to be the best engine jockey in the sky and a man notorious for avoiding any type of entanglement with his crewmates. Despite knowing that the last thing he needs to be doing is falling in want when his focus should be on making enough credits to keep them all in food, fuel, and other necessities, Carolinas finds the engineer irresistible.

When Rust walks in on the captain during a private moment, both men are forced to confront aspects of themselves they would rather avoid. As things heat up, their lives are turned upside down and Carolinas, Rust, and the rest of the crew are cast adrift, their future uncertain. It will take trust in one another and the courage to break long-held boundaries to find a new way to survive out in the black.

(NSFW, 18+)

Out in the Black is currently available on Amazon.