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The Great and Terrible Hustle of Ours

There is a thing that happens to a person’s brain when they begin really putting their creative efforts into online work, be it game streaming or podcasting or vlogging or whatever. Suddenly, you no longer have a life. Instead, everything is potential content. Not that this is a new phenomenon. […]

The Joys of Aging Pets

Cosmo with a stick hanging over her head.

Big content notice here for those squeamish about illness and stuff coming out of the body. I will include many adorable animal photos to offset the disgustingness. Also, spoiler alert: everyone is fine right now. No need for anxiety as to how this turns out. Ready? Okay. Here we go. So, […]

What about the second noel?

Nobody ever talks about that one. It’s completely overshadowed by the firstborn. Typical. So. It’s Christmas Eve. Our holiday plans are fairly chill. Even before covid, we tended to try to stay home as much as we could over the winter break. Partly due to weather – driving in the […]

Being undead

One of these days, the internet is going to kill me. I’m not being hyperbolic – okay, maybe a little hyperbolic. See, the ‘net comes into my house in the basement. This is where the router is located. In other words, the wifi in my house sucks ass. So we have […]