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What about the second noel?

Nobody ever talks about that one. It’s completely overshadowed by the firstborn. Typical. So. It’s Christmas Eve. Our holiday plans are fairly chill. Even before covid, we tended to try to stay home as much as we could over the winter break. Partly due to weather – driving in the […]

Being undead

One of these days, the internet is going to kill me. I’m not being hyperbolic – okay, maybe a little hyperbolic. See, the ‘net comes into my house in the basement. This is where the router is located. In other words, the wifi in my house sucks ass. So we have […]


I know I promised y’all a story. I swear I have not forgotten. And though I’ve been quiet here, I have been working.  While, I will admit this has not been my most productive month on record, any words is better than no words, right? Right?! Like I said, I have […]

That time of year again

Ah, it’s that time of year again. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and my ass has been in a sinkhole of depression for days. Yeehaw. If you’ve been around the Underground for a while, you might recall something similar happening around this time last year. Seems an […]

Situation Normal

Those who know the rest, feel free to fill in on your own. In certain writing communities, there are categories for the type of process we use. In the ones I frequent, these are “pantser” (as in fly by the seat of your) and “planner” (which…should be obvious). There is […]