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Black Lives Matter

It’s been a week.

As a white person, it’s been a hell of a lot less awful of a week for me than it has been for Black folks.

I’m sure if I had an agent or worked with a big publisher or whatnot, they would encourage me to stay away from politics. To avoid alienating potential readers. To broaden my appeal as much as possible.

Here’s the thing, though: as a queer person who writes queer fiction, everything I make is political. The politics may be somewhat more palatable than outright saying “ACAB,” but there is no way for me to not be political.

And honestly, fuck that noise. I will not stay silent in the face of oppression. I will not hide my thoughts on police brutality and the murder of Black people by cops. If the title of this post makes someone decide not to read my stuff, GOOD. I don’t need readers who don’t believe in justice. I don’t need readers who value property over people. I don’t need readers whose support for marginalized people is conditional.

Today is June first. It is the beginning of Pride month. Pride celebrations all over the country have been cancelled, postponed, or moved online due to COVID-19. It is especially important right now to remember that the first Pride was a riot. That it was started by queer and trans POC who were tired of police persecution. Our struggles are intertwined and our resistance is intersectional.

All lives will never matter until Black lives matter.

No justice, no peace.

Happy fucking Pride.

The inclusive Pride flag with a resistance fist cut out of the middle and filled with flames. The words above read Black Lives Matter and below are Pride is a protest, all also filled with flames.

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