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Back in March, I joined a “Pandemic Creativity Group” on Facebook. At one point, they were posting prompts; these were mostly intended for drawing or photography or the like, but I had been in a rut trying to get any writing done at all, so I figured I’d take advantage of the opportunity.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen anything at all from the group, actually. It could be the algorithm not prioritizing the posts, or perhaps the group isn’t as active now that we’ve all started adjusting to this new normal. A lot of new groups sprang up in the early days of the stay-at-home orders and, from what I’ve heard, a number of them promptly collapsed under the weight of their new membership.

And now that I’ve gone to check, it seems likely it’s a combination of both reasons supplied above – the group isn’t nearly as active as it once was and so FB is showing me more posts from the more active groups I’m in. Or the ones I interact with more often, which also relates to the level of activity in a group and…blergh. Anyway, doesn’t matter. The group is small (mostly friends and friends of friends) and still there, though the prompts do seem to have fallen by the wayside.


To make a long story even longer (I’m regretting this “authenticity” pledge already), I dashed off quick little stories based on a couple of the prompts. Since I missed my usual publishing day on Patreon due to reasons I’m sure I’ll be sharing with y’all sooner rather than later, I shared the first one over there in a public post today.

With no further ado, I present Bloom. (I did say the prompts were more visual-art focused)

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