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News of the exciting sort

Out in the Black is officially in the final revision stage. WHAT!

Yeah, I’m kind of shocked, too. 2020 has definitely had its moments and the release of chapters online has taken longer than I would have liked, but there will be a book coming out of all this, sooner rather than later. Then it’s on to some trashy queer superhero romance. Hell, yeah!

Young Captain America turning to look at Bucky Barnes on a snowy mountainside.

No, I’m not bringing you Cap & Bucky slash-fic, but come on – the chemistry between these two is undeniable.

It will take some time once OitB is finished to get chapters ready to release, but I can’t wait for you all to meet Vengeance.

Until then, I hope your holiday season is safe and happy and I think we’re all more than ready to put 2020 behind us.

See you next year!

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Stormy Lane McKnight

Writer of trashy queer superhero romance, smutty sci-fi, and other things that are gay af. Disaster enby and all around bisexual wrecking ball.