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Getting Funky with it

If you have previously hung out in the Underground, you’re probably looking around right now going “WTF?” Yeah – there have been some changes. A new neighborhood has been erected (heheh) around these parts, so now when you come visit, you can choose to spend your time in my wordery or in FunkyPuppy Studios. Or both. We’re good with both.

FPS is headed up by my partner in crime and takes its inspiration from our crew of wacky furballs. Those who have been to one of my Twitch streams have likely seen the first FPS project in action, as I am the current CosmoBot testing ground. The alpha…and the omega, actually. Until it is ready for beta testing, it’s all on me. Not sure I care for this kind of pressure, now that I think of it…

Silhouette of a barking dog over the words CosmoBot with by FPS in the bottom right corner.

That’s about the long and short of it, though. Things are progressing in both neighborhoods, if not as quickly as we’d like. I’m nearly done with my current WIP’s (very) rough draft and will move on to what I had planned to work on post-OitB before this project smacked me in the face.

Here’s hoping the words will flow and that things are going well with all of you. Stay safe out there.

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Stormy Lane McKnight

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