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I reached a rather large milestone yesterday. One I wasn’t even expecting. As of May 10, 2021, I have a 1,000 day writing streak on 4thewords. In that time, I’ve written over 1.2 million words on the site. I hadn’t looked at my streak count recently, so the number caught me off guard when it popped up. Naturally, I had to take a bunch of screenshots to celebrate.

A 4thwords avatar with a 1000 Day Streak medallion over it along with the total of 1,251,575 words written.

Though my average word output is just over 1,200/day, my writing has obviously not been that evenly distributed. I have issues with procrastination, so I tend to have big bumps on the final days of 4tw events (see the jump on May 4th that coincided with the end of the Festival of Oge-Mai). And then there’s the fact that editing doesn’t actually produce a very high word count. So those months tend to be a little anemic. Overall, though, it’s a not-insignificant achievement, if I do say so myself.

Bar graphs with totals showing the words written each month from July 2018 through May 2021. On the 2021 graph, there is a callout with daily details that shows 7,548 words written on May 4th.

As you can see from Chuck’s post, things around our house have been…stressful. On one of the discord servers I’m in, I posted this gif and said “This, but with vet bills.” Shit’s expensive, y’all!

Gif of Bob Saget in Half Baked saying "I used to suck dick for coke."

On the wordery front, however, I did get my first ever royalties from Out in the Black. I cannot even express how excited I was to see those come in. That there are people out there buying a book that I wrote?! Mind fucking blown.

A screencap showing deposits from, Amazon Media EU, and Amazon Australia Services.

I wrapped the first draft of the WIP I previously mentioned, so now I actually am working on Vengeance. Unfortunately, my MCs are being recalcitrant. Perhaps punishing me for leaving them unattended for so long. Regardless, I will get them wrangled. Somehow.

Oh! AND I got my first patron! I’ve been super bad about pushing my Patreon because I’m unwilling to put rough drafts out there, thus I don’t update it regularly. So it’s been active for a year or so? Maybe? Without anyone signing up. My thought is that the coming of age story will probably end up published exclusively on Patreon once it’s revised and polished. Give folks some bang for their buck, anyway. (heheheh)

However, here’s a gigantic THANK YOU to my Patreon supporter, MizTrish! Go check out her Patreon and get your eyeballs on her amazing art.

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