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Raining, pouring, etc.

Usually superstition is more Stormy’s thing, but I kind of feel like I jinxed us. About a week and a half ago, I was publishing a post that said our animals were thankfully in fairly good health. And then…

This past Friday, Cosmo barfed. A lot. Everywhere. We thought maybe she got into something in the yard and hoped her stomach would settle by the next day. Instead, Saturday morning she wouldn’t eat or drink anything and she was totally lethargic. After playing phone tag for a bit – which is how I discovered my phone doesn’t actually show me a notification when I have a voicemail anymore. Yay – we were able to take her in to see the vet. They were super busy, so we had to leave her with them to get seen by a doctor when one had a chance…but when we pulled up, with a clearly sick dog sitting on Stormy’s lap (they actually had to carry her to the car), Cozzy got bumped to the head of the line.

Her temperature, blood work, and coloring were good, so the thought was pancreatitis or another gall bladder issue because she had some tenderness in her abdomen. After being on IV fluids overnight, she was feeling better enough to eat and wag her tail and walk around, which was a giant improvement over Saturday. We were already taking Cali in for some tests on Monday, so the hope was we would be able to bring Cosmo home with us at that point. And we did…after paying the $1400+ bill, of course. Thank goodness for credit cards.

Cosmo, a fuzzy brown dog, sitting up in the backseat of a vehicle, looking just above the camera.

As far as how she’s feeling, the first night, she was pretty low on energy and hesitant about eating. Today, however, she’s been much more her usual self. They sent us home with anti-nausea and anti-diarrhea meds (if it’s not coming out one end, it’s the other), so hopefully by the time those run out, she’ll be back to her normal Trog self, ready to Burninate.

Believe it or not, that’s the good news.

I mentioned taking Cali in for some tests…well… Since her kidney disease began to progress, she’s been on 3-month visits (rather than 2x/year like before). This last time, her bloodwork had some concerning results. Our vet feared a bladder infection (she has a history of repeated UTIs) or a kidney stone. I’m not going to lie: Stormy and I were hoping for the bladder infection. Unfortunately, that seems not to be the case. Fortunately, she also doesn’t appear to have a kidney stone. Unfortunately, this means her kidney disease has entered a new stage. 

Remember I mentioned Mike Wazowski? It’s hard not to feel like the universe took that as me asking for it (I really have been around Stormy too long!). Cali is now going to be getting daily subQ fluids. I guess it’s a good thing we never sent our old sharps container back for recycling. She is also on blood pressure meds and something called a phosphate binder? It’s supposed to help her kidneys function better. Ideally all of this together will make it so her kidneys don’t have to work so hard and get her feeling better. Behavior-wise, she’s been acting pretty normal, but she hasn’t been eating well. And there’s a reason her nickname is “Pork;” the girl likes her food. 

Cali, a calico cat, asleep on a cat tree with her face tucked under a front paw.

The phosphate stuff has a weird taste to it (according to the vet – I didn’t try it), so that might not help us in our get-the-cat-to-eat quest. We’ll have to see how she’s doing after a couple days of adjustment. 

Meanwhile, I’m back here still working away on coding the best Twitch bot that ever botted. Which, of course, is not at the stage of earning money yet, so the additional vet bills have not been ideal. Neither is our governor’s decision about pandemic-related unemployment. 

Like I said: raining, pouring, blah blah blah

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