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News of the exciting sort

Out in the Black is officially in the final revision stage. WHAT! Yeah, I’m kind of shocked, too. 2020 has definitely had its moments and the release of chapters online has taken longer than I would have liked, but there will be a book coming out of all this, sooner […]


Not unexpectedly, my productivity fell right off a cliff. For some reason, I decided it would be a fantastic idea to write nearly 5k words in response to a certain author’s transphobic essay. Okay, obviously part of the reason is that, as a nonbinary writer, an author with a gigantic […]

Shit’s Gonna Go Downhill

Melted down all over Facebook today. It….wasn’t pretty. The inciting event was that, after weeks of struggle on the part of both my partner and myself, I finally got an appointment with a new doctor to attempt to refill my brain pills. Happy news, right? Or, yano, not. It was […]

Fast Fiction

Back in March, I joined a “Pandemic Creativity Group” on Facebook. At one point, they were posting prompts; these were mostly intended for drawing or photography or the like, but I had been in a rut trying to get any writing done at all, so I figured I’d take advantage […]