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What about the second noel?

Nobody ever talks about that one. It’s completely overshadowed by the firstborn. Typical. So. It’s Christmas Eve. Our holiday plans are fairly chill. Even before covid, we tended to try to stay home as much as we could over the winter break. Partly due to weather – driving in the […]

Rebel without a clue

Hey, so, uh, it’s November, yeah? Y’all know what that means… But! For those who don’t, let me ‘splain.  Ya see, November is also known as National Novel Writing Month – or NaNoWriMo for short. A lot of writers in my circle take part, challenging themselves in various ways since […]

Biting the heads off rubber chickens

The book covers say “Stormy Lane McKnight,” but most places online I’m just Stormy or, if we’re looking at handles, “thatstormygeek.” If you’re feeling stalkery, there ya go. If I have an account on some social media platform, that’s what you’ll find me under. Fun! The geek part, of course, […]


It’s apocryphal, that tale of a Chinese curse that says “May you live in interesting times.” Some people have doubted it would be a curse at all. I mean, who would want to be bored?! Writing this at the beginning of May 2020, in times all would agree are highly […]