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The Joys of Aging Pets

Cosmo with a stick hanging over her head.

Big content notice here for those squeamish about illness and stuff coming out of the body. I will include many adorable animal photos to offset the disgustingness. Also, spoiler alert: everyone is fine right now. No need for anxiety as to how this turns out. Ready? Okay. Here we go. So, […]


I know I promised y’all a story. I swear I have not forgotten. And though I’ve been quiet here, I have been working.  While, I will admit this has not been my most productive month on record, any words is better than no words, right? Right?! Like I said, I have […]

Raining, pouring, etc.

Usually superstition is more Stormy’s thing, but I kind of feel like I jinxed us. About a week and a half ago, I was publishing a post that said our animals were thankfully in fairly good health. And then… This past Friday, Cosmo barfed. A lot. Everywhere. We thought maybe […]